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Autographed Pictures

Nowadays, you can contact any of your favorite celebrities for their Autographs.
All you have to do is find an address and send them a message, easy isn't it?
Well... not always!

Some celebrities require a LOR, a SASE and Pictures!
Wait wait, wait one second... LOR? SASE? Help?

Well if you enter the world of the big fanmail collectors you need a guide book, or at least something to help you start with! If you want more information on abbreviations just visit Abbreviations where I've included a list of most commonly used abbreviations in fanmail forums.

Well now that you know the basics, let me show you what I've got already.
Keep in my that I only send LOR's, e-mails or requests on official websites,
because it is too expensive to include IRC's if you're from Belgium in my opinion.

So without further ado:

 My Autograph Collection
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